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Generations of Helping People

When Christy and Richard Roth opened their CBD store on Windward Parkway, little did they know the venture would prove to be generations in the making.

Christy and Richard Roth, owners of Canna Wellness, came by their passion to educate and share their knowledge of CBD products through different paths. When Richard received a cancer diagnosis in 2018, his cycle of pain and anxiety with the disease and its treatment was consuming, especially when he tried to sleep. When he tried a CBD tincture, he was amazed at what a difference it made and its impact in stopping the pain/anxiety cycle. Later, a friend of Christy’s gave her a tincture to try to help calm menstrual cramps. She’s never stopped taking it because she saw such a major improvement.

Christy attended a CBD store franchising meeting and she and Richard were all in. After opening the store, Richard’s mother sent him this photo of his great-grandmother, Ilah McClaran, in Shreve, Ohio circa 1920. Her husband was a physician and used properties from the marijuana plant to treat some of his patients. Look closely and you will see the crop behind Mrs. McClaran. Eventually, law enforcement burned the crop.

What makes the Roths the perfect owners of Canna Wellness (formerly the Hemp Farm Store) is that Christy is a molecular biologist! This cover shows them in front of the molecular structure of CBD. The Roths own a laboratory testing and processing facility, Shepard Health Lab. So, they understand the molecules of the products, the plants they come from, what makes them effective and what companies can be trusted for their products. You see, the CBD industry is not regulated by the FDAand there are brands that are not reputable, like those you see in gas stations.

Christy and Richard differentiate that CBD comes from industrialized hemp, and THC comes from the marijuana plant. CBD products are natural and have many wellness properties, but will not give you the ‘high’ that THC does. If you are looking for a product with THC, Georgia regulations state that CBD products must contain less than <0.3% THC. You can find those at Canna Wellness, too.

Benefits of CBD:

Now that you know that CBD is not the same as THC, and that it has an amazing array of benefits, you may be ready to try one of products at Canna Wellness.

Tinctures – Sublingual drops offered in different flavors that are usually taken every day like vitamins

Edibles – In gummy or pill form, these must be digested but last longer

Topicals – Includes salves, rollers, lotions, chapstick and bath bombs that are absorbed through the skin

Smokables – Inhaled products that last the least amount of time

What Makes Canna Wellness different?

  • Canna Wellness products are sourced from only Certified Organic industrial hemp growers.

  • All products are tested by an independent third party to verify integrity. Each product at Canna Wellness has a QR code linked to the Certificate of Verification.

  • Christy and Richard insist that their staff be knowledgeable about the products and their benefits so they can confidently recommend the right products for their clients.

  • Canna Wellness focuses on the overall wellness needs of each client as they want everyone to receive pleasant, knowledgeable advice to have a great experience both in store and with the products.

What’s next for Canna Wellness?

Christy and Richard have lots of plans to make Canna Wellness a “wellness destination”, including incorporating some of their own custom products. Right now, they focus on helping people learn about the benefits of CBD so more people can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and “experience the luxury of relaxation”.

Fast forward 100 years from the photo above…don’t you think Dr. and Mrs. McClaran would be proud? Give CBD a try at Canna Wellness.

By: Tracie Morse

North Atlanta FitLife


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