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Where will you start?

We knew from our first conversation with Lucy Jimenez and Ashley Griffing that FIRST Body and Wellness is MORE than just a med spa. Lucy and her husband, Dr. Arnaldo Jimenez, have seen thousands of patients at his Gastroenterology practice over the last 23 years, and heard the stories of their health and wellness journeys. They asked themselves, “How can we do more for them and for our community?” It was their desire to dig deeper to help people, and a chance introduction that led them to open FIRST Body and Wellness Center.

What makes FIRST Body and Wellness different?

Lucy: First, the priority at FIRST Body and Wellness is the focus on your entire health and wellness, not just how you look. We feel that if we can help patients feel like the best version of themselves inside and out, their confidence and happiness will increase.

Second, Dr. Jimenez is actually involved in the practice, not just in name only.

Third, we speak Spanish for those more comfortable speaking that language.

What led you to open FIRST Body and Wellness?

Lucy: Kismet, really! A chance meeting and conversation over dinner one evening led to an introduction to a representative from BTL, the manufacturer behind the revolutionary EMSCULPT technology. We offer the Emsculpt Neo, which melts fat and tones; Emsella, a treatment for incontinence and other issues; and Emtone for skin tightening. All of these products use cutting edge technology and produce amazing results. We knew we had to find a way to offer these technologies to our patients and community.

How did you come by the name, FIRST Body and Wellness?

Ashley: We wanted a name that described our practice and our patient-first mentality so we chose the acronym for FIRST: Firm, Invigorate, Rejuvenate, Sculpt, Tone. This perfectly describes what we do for our patients and the results speak for themselves.

What services do you offer at FIRST Body and Wellness?

Ashley: We offer EmSculpt Neo, Emsella, and Emtone as well as IV Therapy, PRP, and the Allergan suite of products: Botox, Juvaderm, and Kybella. We now offer hydrafacials, too! Our injectables technician, is phenomenal and very well-trained.

What else would you like our readers to know?

Lucy: Our motto is Less is More! We seek to enhance your natural beauty so you look like yourself, not a frozen version of you. Our focus is to make you look better, feel better and be the best version of yourself so you are happy and confident.

FIRST Body and Wellness is now open in Milton! Stop by to welcome them to the neighborhood and make an appointment. It will be the FIRST step to a better you!

By: Tracie Morse

North Atlanta FitLife


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