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FIT CHAT with Leslie Graham, 3:8 Juice & Eatery

Join the conversation! We're chatting with Leslie Graham, owner of 3:8 Juice & Eatery. Find out what she's GIVING AWAY besides just her knowledge of plant-based foods!

YES! 3:8 Juice & Eatery is giving away a FREE 3-Day Reset Juice Cleanse. Register to win by registering your email on the North Atlanta FitLife website!

Leslie mentions several resources that can help you take the first step. Part of taking that step is understanding the science behind plant-based nutrition (you may think that's BORING, but it's really fascinating!) and WHY making changes can make such a huge difference. You will be amazed by the stories of people who were literally fat, sick and nearly dead and who are now off all medications and in the best health and shape of their lives. Click on...

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