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Slam Dunk Your Workout with SWISH
MARCH MADNESS Workout Inspiration


Let the March Madness begin!

NCAA basketball tournament games begin this month as 64 college teams hope to be crowned tournament champions. Fans large and small, all around the country, will be filling out brackets and cheering on their favorite team. Some of these fans (maybe you?) might even be inspired to take to the court themselves and play a pick-up game of basketball. 

Even if athletes make shooting a layup look effortless, you will want to take precautions to avoid getting hurt if you decide to hit the hardwood, the pavement or the workout room anytime soon. Dr. Tracy Nogle, a sports medicine physician and former NCAA women’s college basketball athlete recommends following the acronym S.W.I.S.H. to prevent injuries:

  • S - Stretching: Skipping stretching before or after a game increases your risk for injury. Stretch those muscles and don't be afraid to use a foam roller before and after workouts to penetrate the muscles a little deeper aiding in recovery.

  • W - Wear the proper equipment: Proper shoes and support equipment like knee or ankle braces can make the difference between being able to play or ending up on the injured reserve. 

  • I - Don’t ignore an injury: If you fear you might have an injury, the worst thing you can do is to try and tough it out. Ignoring an injury will only make it worse, and the healing longer. Don't take any chances, make an appointment with a doctor or go to a walk-in clinic if possible.

  • S - Strength Training: Lifting weights and doing strength training will help your muscles stay in game shape and help avoid strains or tears. Remember not to try to lift too much too fast. Working out with a buddy who can spot you is always a good idea.

  • H - Hydrate: Don’t forget to drink plenty of water as your body is much more prone to injury when you are dehydrated. There are MANY hydration drinks and protein drinks on the market to replace needed nutrients.

Happy March Madness! Remember S.W.I.S.H. to slam dunk your workouts to reduce your risk of injury whether you are in a gym, on a field, or on the basketball, tennis or pickleball court!


Dr. Tracy Nogle, Orlando Health Sports Medicine

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