8 Keys to Self Care Beyond Fitness

In today’s society, people often put an intentional focus on maintaining an active

lifestyle and subsequently base their overall health-worthiness on the fitness level of their body. Complete Self Care, however, encompasses more than just maintaining a consistent workout regimen. Our most healthy self is attained when we take a well-rounded approach towards healthier life measurables.

Those seeking to improve their fitness level commonly face other unhealthy factors as it relates to whole health, which may include: stressful situations at home/work, poor sleeping, and bad eating habits. These variables often leave one’s mind, body, and spirit in need of a deeper self-assessment

and strategy evaluation towards new healthier habits.



Sleeping habits play a big part regarding physical and emotional well-being.


Food = energy. What and how you eat has a direct correlation to your outputs, necessitating a proper balance of food and nutrients relative to your goals/lifestyle.


Take care your body by practicing an active and well-rounded fitness regimen.


Prioritize the needs of others along with your own. Attempts to please others can

sometimes prove stressful if you are in turn neglecting yourself.


It is okay to unplug and step away to regain perspective.


Creating systems of organization may help with prioritizing tasks and may offer a fresh

perspective on situations.


Despite various opinions on social media, reading literature by reputable sources can

prove beneficial towards personal & professional growth and development.


Schedule time for the things in your life that are important to you. This may mean scheduling alone time as well.

As difficult as it may seem to find time for yourself, it is critical and will prove to be time well spent. The residual rewards from actively practicing better self-care will likely boost productivity, efficiency and offer a better quality of life in the years to come.

By: Devin "DC" Campbell

Eat the Frog, Johns Creek


Eat the Frog Fitness, Johns Creek

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