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One Day At A Time

How important are your goals?

The truth is, many people try countless numbers of options for goals – starting, stopping, restarting their respective fitness journeys more than a few times. There are many factors at play as it relates to reaching (and sustaining) results, but one aspect that stands out is a familiar motto:


It seems so simple, but this philosophy requires an extraordinary level of INTENTIONAL focus. We often set lofty goals and dream big, but the path to our desired destination can be difficult, to say nothing about the level of self-accountability that it would take to follow that path consistently to our goal(s). We all run into stumbling blocks and plateaus that can deflate even the most resilient of mindsets to the point of giving up, giving in, or giving out.

To overcome these common obstacles, you must begin with where you ACTUALLY are (not where you wish you were) and then continuously recognize the positive, incremental changes along the way. Do not sabotage yourself with expectations and goals that exert too much pressure on your own mentality. A 45-year-old expecting their body and results to mirror the memories of their 20’s is only setting themselves up for failure. Instead, create a plan based on becoming healthy both inside and out.

The key is to have a firm, grounded understanding of your current situation, and create S.M.A.R.T.Goals towards your intentions.

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Attainable

R - Relevant

T - Time Measured

Write down your goals. Reset your mindset. Develop a plan based on improvements with regards to stress, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and life-balance. Then, start, and continue one day at a time. Along your quest to “healthy”, the true benefits revealed are centered more around the journey with yourself. While working to improve your physical being, you will discover that the mental aspect will actually yield the most impactful transformations.

Conquering your daily plan or challenge becomes a habit as the seemingly insurmountable goals start to become approachable, and even achievable. This practice becomes the foundation of achievement and overcoming any obstacles you encounter in life. Formulating discipline in your purpose and fueling action with your intentions are the foundations of making almost any goal attainable.

By: Devin "DC" Campbell

Eat the Frog Fitness, Johns Creek



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